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“Best Gyro I’ve ever had. All their stuff is stellar. Fresh Pita Bread, fresh ripe veggies, amazing sauces, and an insane values.”
-Jake via Yelp


“The Spicy Gyro served here is the best in the Southwest, hands down. After the Gyro shop nearest my workplace changed the quality of meat they put in their gyros, a co-worker suggested we try Gyropolis. I’m hooked. The service was fast, the price was reasonable, and the gyro was absolutely delicious. My suggestion is to go bold, or go home. Order up the spicy.”
-Christopher via Yelp


“These are hands down the best tasting Gyros that I’ve had in the Twin Cities. Whats also really nice is that this is one of the few places where I can actually eat my Gyro the way it was intended to be, a sandwich. I’m sure everyone has had experiences at other places where to start with you can’t fit the Gyro in your mouth then your pita bread rips on you and cucumber sauce gets all over hands, not cool. This does not happen here and I love them for it. The service is fantastic, the prices are affordable, and the place is really clean, what more could you ask for?”
-Josh via Yelp


“Visiting, I read the reviews and had to check it out. I ordered the Gyropolis take-out. This is their basic gyro sandwich. The pita bread was fresh and soft and they stuffed it with meat. I easily had two sandwiches worth of meat. The meat tasted great and was not to salty. If you are looking for a gem when you are around the Mall of America neighborhood – skip the mall food and check this little place out. Thanks Yelpers for turning me on to this one!”
-Eduardo via Yelp


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