A view of the farm.

Gyropolis had its beginnings in 2005 when on my way home I noticed the old donut shop for sale on the corner of 90th and Penn in Bloomington. I kind of thought it nostalgic to open a restaurant where I used to hang out as a high school kid.

I now get glimpses of games at the Bloomington stadium on busy friday nights, only this time through the windows of our store. Former coaches, teachers, and old friends come by and visit us to get their pre-game mediterranean munchies. The idea behind Gyropolis was to offer our customers the ability to be creative and have us make their food the way they want it.

My brother and I have made it our mission to provide the freshest Greek food sto xeri (on the go in Greek). We have even taken it a step further with summer of 2011 being the first time in which we grew our own organic vegetables at our farm. Some of you I am sure remember our extra juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and delicious green peppers in the months of August and September.

We just wish we had more growing seasons in Minnesota. In late summer our father handpicks oregano from the mountains in Greece to season our salad dressing. We keep a jar of this amazing stuff in back just in case you need to check the authenticity. Then there is the baklava that we make fresh every day with extra virgin olive oil and honey. Oh, and how could I forget to talk about grandma’s recipes that my mom has now perfected. The evidence is in the spanakopita.


The day’s pickings.